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Monday, July 16, 2018

like other girls, i have some insecurities...

my skin is not as flawless as korean drama women
it has a lot of acne scars, some that-want-to-grow acnes
dry flakes on my nose,
and uneven skin tone.

my lips are dark, as if I was a smoker
and I'm a "flat" girl
flat-chested, flat-assed.

but I was beaten hard when I read LAYN's slogan for the first time at their website,
till now I know that you can enhance your natural beauty not by covering your imperfections with full coverage makeup or any artificialities. Shortly, be your own version of beauty.

Just like LAYN, which epitomizes the women who embrace their imperfections and accept the inevitable flaws that we all have. it gives us freedom whether we want to go bold, sweet, or edgy with their lipstick shades. There are Zsa Zsa as a deep dusty rose shade, Miro which is the perfect mix of red and brown, Turrel as a medium berry mauve shade, Mona as a perfect nude with a hint of smoked coral, and Daisies as a perfect medium chestnut brown shade.

at the moment, I have Zsa Zsa in my hand. As a multi lipstick, I can put this on any part of my face. I can apply this as an eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick. it glides smoothly on my lips and skin, it has creamy texture and satin finish. you don't even have to wear any makeup except this lipstick to "turn on" the look of your natural face beauty.

I was startled with the transparent packaging, because as far as I know, the color pigmentation of lipstick can change if it is exposed to sun light, or any harsh light. That's why it's so rare finding a lipstick that is packaged transparently. So, I'm so proud of LAYN for the bravery.

 I'm not really into makeup, and I'm so grateful for having eyebrows that are thick enough, curly eyelashes, tan skin, big eyes, and other positive things that allow me to not wear heavy makeup everyday. I love applying Zsa Zsa eventhough it doesn't cover the dark on my lips completely, but it doesn't matter as long as this lipstick moisturize my lips all day long. Last but not least, I'm very happy, finally I find my own "my lips but better" lipstick for many daily occasions! 

a short message from me:
Be grateful, love yourself, thank yourself for being a patient, great and an honest person, embrace your imperfections by showing your  strengths and make your imperfections as your uniquness.
people will judge you,
they will.
but you, matter.

With love, oriza

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