Something Icey at Our New Home Mate

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Strolling around Dharmawangsa area won’t hurt you, I think. After Snctry and But First Coffee Shop, now “Home Mate” which is located at the same building with them, is ready to ‘spoon-feed’ you their Kakigori!

For anyone who haven’t know about Kakigori, it’s a Japanese dessert that is made of shaved ice cube which is poured with syrup and added fruits or even red bean as the topping. 

After approximately 10 minutes car rode from Wijaya grand centre, my friends and I arrived at this small yet catchy ice cream shop. The first time we entered it, was just a square space that wasn’t too big but clean and comfy. I really love the ambience here since it’s fulled of natural light. Feels like home.

We decided to order 'Strawberry Milk' for our “test drive” that day. Didn’t need to wait for so long, our Kakigori had appeared in front of our eyes. A little bit surprising that we got this too big ice cream for only cost 50K IDR, luckily we just ordered one hahaha.

Here, you’re not only can order their Kakigori, but also their homemade jam. Seriously, the jam is sooooo good. I forget what jam that I ate. But it has chopped dates in it, not too sweet but really good.

Jl. Dharmawangsa Raya No. 4
Pulo, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta 12160

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  1. Ih cantik banget tempatnya, apalagi bagian depannya itu <3 <3 Perpaduan kaca, tulisan HOME MATE dan pintunya... Semoga bisa kesana kapan-kapan hihi

    1. Iya emang cantik banget ghea, mesti cobain kakigorinya! Bakalan nagih hihihi


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