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Saturday, October 15, 2016

I don’t really do makeup well because I don’t like it, it feels like wearing cake mixture for me HAHA. I’m lack of putting eyeshadow, apply foundation, eyeliner, and so on. But put my lipstick on is an exception. I’m really into lipstick! I don’t know when I would stop to buy it, I’ve just bought it again and again… until now.

And Rollover Reaction’s lipsticks are dabomb! Seriously, in the past I never bought more than one lipstick for one brand. Example, I just have 1 l’oreal lipstick, 1 Maybelline lipstick, etc. but why do I have  3 Rollover Reaction??! It’s going my sister, and dad crazy, because nowadays every once a week, there is a courier who brought my lipstick package-sorry sist & dad.

Maybe all of you had seen many reviews and swatches of Rollover Reaction, so I won’t do that. I just want you to know how my impression about these lipsticks is. I bought it in shade sally, prudence, and moss(one of the newest shades). Sally is peachy pink nude, prudence is peachy brown nude, and moss is the true chocolate brown that is so 90’s. I like how it feels when these lipsticks glide on my lips smoothly. Especially the scent, I love the scent so bad, it smells like a cake! Wherever I go outside, i always wear it  and trust me, this velvety-matte lipstick changes my total look eventhough I don’t wear any makeup. But of course I don’t wear it for school ya hehe.

Fyi, my mom & sister love  this Indonesian local brand lipstick too, you can see the broken space at one of those lipsticks right? HAHA yesss it’s because my sister and I fought over it-don’t do this at home guys. I think I’ll buy another shade since the price is affordable enough (IDR 119.000) for 5,5 gr and the performance is sooo good and it can be used as eyeshadow or blush on too.

Then, which shade that I have to buy soon?

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