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Monday, January 11, 2016

Now I’m in the condition that I don’t know how to express my feeling. I don’t know I’m sad or happy, I don’t know what to say to my school friends soon. I just can’t see their eyes staring me like “Bye, we’ll meet soon, take care” oh I really hate that thing!  It feels like I’ll go away and never meet them again.

6 months spend my weekdays in SMAN 65 Jakarta is such a best thing I never had. Everyone around my neighborhood really adore this school. My family also happy that I could study there.

How grateful I am! I have funny, adorable, and kind-hearted friends. I always have a day when I can’t stop laughing because of them, always have a gabut day with them, last but not least is have a panic day. Yeah I don’t know why the panic moment is become our favorite thing.

The panic moment that I remember the most is when aerobic lesson at school hall. We were divided into some groups(I don’t remember exactly) and my group consisted of Lyssa, Luna, Luthfi, Farhan, Fathan, Angga, Tiara, and Namira(including me of course). Actually we had practiced but there were some spaces in our song that we hadn’t give the movements. When the day came, we were panic but we acted like we weren’t panic (wth). But when it came to our turn, the real panic was out. I stood at the front, it means I have to lead my friends! Really I can’t imagine how my face was. From the basic warming until the awkward K-pop dance was done. My friends just followed what I did and yeah it was embrassing. And fyi, my friends and I got 92! 

I feel good whenever kumpul bareng artkustik . For me, Artkustik isn’t just a 65 music community. But it’s a family. Family who can make u feel free to express your feeling, share your opinion, etc. there isn’t Senior & Junior in Artkustik. We’r the same, and we’r still practicing too. Artkustik also had had a gabut & galau day. “dijadiin ekskul atau engga?”. But sadly I have to leave Artkustik when it already become an ekskul now. Udah ada pelatih, prokernya ngelebihin ekspektasi pula, kurang keren apa coba?

Also, in this school is the first time i join an IT Club. it such a great thing too. in the past, i didn't know what is HTML, flash, how to operate Photoshop, and so on. but now, i can edit my photos on Lightroom lol (eventhough there isn't Lightroom lesson in IT Club, i can operate it because i used to see the Photoshop and other adobe apps lol). it's too short... i have to leave IT Club too.

See you again in another chance, love! Sukses terus!



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